See sidequest rewards at a glance with the Astorisk colors:
* = Item
* = Optional Boss
* = Title
* = Costume Title
* = Skill
* = Reciple
* = Affects Prices
* = Enables other Sidequests
Collector's Book* St. Binah Medicine Shop* Big Tree of St. Binah Sonic Thrust Noir Fanclub*
Sword Dancer** Tear's Pendant* Ant Lion Man*** Jade and Contamination Guy's Skills***
Luke's Skills* Gardios Sword* Sigmund-style Tactician* Curious Princess** Yulia City Help**
Natalia's Skills* Character Disk Tear's Fonic Hyms* Hyper-resonance Lessons from Tear** Jade's Forbidden Spells*
Mieu Wing** Mieu Fire 2* King's Portrait* Cecille and Frings** Guy and Van
Maid Tear** Big Sister (alternate)* Dark Wings Key** Grand Chokmah Waterfall Lawman*
Mushroom Road*** City History Monsters at Engeve** Rappigs Hunt/Spa**** Bartender*
Soft Meanie* Stone Monument Pilgrimage Seed Growing* Bridge Construction** Viscount Fabre*
Dr. Jade* Little Devil* Romance Chaser* Refined Flight Stone* A series of titles**

Collector's Book

  1. Talk to the man Luke almost stole an apple from
  2. As he asks, retrieve the Secret Box from the Cheagle Woods.
  3. Return the Secret Box to the man, and you will be given the Collector's Book. Food prices in Engeve lower by 20%.

Note: You can carry over Collector Book data in the Grade Shop even if you didn't get the Collector Book.

St. Binah Medicine Shop

  1. Enter the pharmacy on the right side of the city and talk to the man on the left side of the counter.
  2. Give him a Gel Base and Cotton, which can be collected from Search Points 1 and 4 respectively. (Note: Search points will refill whenever you enter a town or dungeon, but it might be easier to save before checking the search point so you can just load if you don't get Gel Base and cotton.)
  3. Give the man those items, and you'll be given a Miracle Gel, another medicine shop will open, and mecidine prices in St. Binah decrease by 20%.

Big Tree of St. Binah

  1. Climb up the ladder on the right side of St. Binah for a scene.

Sonic Thrust

  1. Stay at the inn in one of the following places: St. Binal, Kaitzur, Kaitzur Naval Port. Luke will learn Sonic Thrust.

Noir Fanclub

The parts of this quest must be done in order.

Part 1

  1. Shoot Mieu's fire at the poster on the bulletin board on the right side of St. Binah. There will be a scene.
  2. You'll get 200 gald, with which you are supposed to pay Ayn's membership fee.

Part 2

  1. The person you need to talk to is hard to see but is in front of the Malkuth-side inn. Talk to him and pay 1000 gald to get the Fanzine.

Part 3

  1. Revisit St. Binah and talk to Ayn where you met him before. You'll get 800 gald.

Sword Dancer

You must fight these in order, so if you miss one, you can't fight the one(s) after it.

Part 1

  1. Examine the sword in the lobby of Coral Castle.
  2. Fight the Sword Dancer. It has 17000 HP.

You will pass this way later, on your way to Deo Mountain Pass, and he will be easy to kill then.

Part 2

  1. Examine the search point south east of Teor Forest to fight the second Sword Dancer.
  2. It has 86000 HP and drops the Genius Wand and Energy Tablets. You can steal a Grass Chamber.

Part 3

  1. Examine the sword near the mansion to fight the third Sword Dancer.
  2. It has 86000 HP and drops Ultimetid. You can steal a Sunlight Chamber. (Note: Run away and then enter the fight again to be able to steal more Sunlight Chambers!)

Tear's Pendant

Tear's Pendant increases fonic attack and foni defense by 20%.

Part 1

  1. Find and talk to the man Tear gave her pendant to. He's in the north part of the city. You'll learn he sold the pendant in Grand Chokmah.

Part 2

  1. Talk to the same man again (he's in the same place as above) to learn who the pendant was sold to.
  2. Find Raiz in the Grand Chokmah shopping center and buy Tear's Pendant for 100,000 gald.

Ant Lion Man

You must do these events in order without skipping any. The most notable rewards of this sidequest include two recipes and a great piece of equipment for Anise.

Part 1

  1. Give the Ant Lion Man an Apple Gel. You'll get the Fried Chicken recipe.

Part 2

  1. Give the Ant Lion Man a Scimitar and Magic Lens. You'll get an Orange Gel (it only seems like a ripoff right now).

Part 3

  1. Give the Ant Lion Man a Mircle Gel, a Panacea Bottle, and an Apple. You'll get a Thief Cape.

Part 4

  1. Give the Ant Lion Man a Stripe Ribbon, a Beef, and a Chicken. You'll get a Holy Ring and a Mental Ring. (Note: Stripe Ribbon can eventually be purchased in Chesedonia armor shop... I think.)

Part 5

  1. Talk to the Ant Lion Man. You'll get the Gratin recipe.

Part 6

  1. Talk to the Ant Lion Man in Nam Cobanda Isle. By paying 150,000 gald, you'll get some of your lost items and the Ant Lion Man doll for Anise, which makes her regenerate HP/TP very fast..

Jade and Contamination

  1. Go to Baticul Port for a scene about Jade's spear.
  1. Talk to the Cheagle in Sheriden assembly hall for info on perfect replicas.
  1. Go to the room across from the doctor's office in the Belkend research center.
  1. Examine the door in front of Grand Chokmah military headquarters.

Guys's Skills

  1. Talk to Pere at Duke Fabre's mansion (in front of Luke's room)
  2. To to Gi in the food shop at the Desert Oasis. You'll get the item List of Hod Citizens.
  3. In the north side (Markt half) of Kaitzur, learn Tempest.
  4. Speak with the person by the stone monument near the church at Daath.
  5. Speak with the person on the second floor of the bar in Grand Chokmah.
  6. Speak with the person in the lower right part of Belkend.
  7. Talk with the man in the igloo in Keterburg Plaza to learn Soaring Light Spear.

Luke's Skills

Do these in order.

  1. Talk to Ramdas in Fabre Mansion.
  2. Talk to the merchant in Baticul's port. You'll get the item Arcana Albertis and learn the skill Demon Fist.
  3. Talk to the person outside Tear's home in Yulia city. Go talk to Luke's mom for money. Talk to the man again. You'll learn Lightning Blade.
  4. Talk to the man in the right side of Keterburg Hotel. Talk to Luke's mom. Your cooking skill effects this? Talk to the person in Keterburg again for Slag Assault.
  5. After Eldrant is available, talk to a person in Daath church (in the library leading to Mt. Zaleho). Go mooch off Luke's mom again. Go back to the person for Sonic Blast.

Sword of Gardios

  1. Pere is in Fabre Manor entrance hall. Talk to him about the sword.
  1. Talk to Pere in Fabre Manor entrance again.
  1. Talk to Pere again. You'll get Jewel of Gardios, a good sword for Guy.

Sigmund-style Tactician

  1. Have 300+ battles and view all of Miyagi's tutorials. Guy will get the title Sigmund-style Tactician.

Curious Princess

  1. Talk to Din. Natalia will get the Curious Princess title. (Natalia has to be the onscreen character?)

Yulia City Help

You must do these events in order without skipping any. Clearing this event affects shop prices?

Part 1

  1. Give the guy three Apple Gels.

Part 2

  1. Give the guy five Rice. If you don't have Rice now, you can wait until after you clear the Oracle Knight HQ, buy the rice in Baticul, and return to Yulia City via Aramis Spring. (Don't wait until you can fly to Yulia City.)

Part 3

  1. Give the guy five Maces. You can make maces in Din's shop in Chesedonia.

Natalia's Skills

  1. Go to Sheridan Port.
  2. See the scene on the left side. Natalia will learn Gallant Barrage.
  1. There's a scene at Daath Bay. Natalia learns Healing Force.

Character Disk

  1. Go in the back room in Tear's home, ground floor. You'll get the Character Disk item and you'll be allowed to examine the thing on the counter to see various characters.

Tear's Fuka

  1. Talk to Layla in Yulia City. Tear learns Holy Song.
  1. Go to Ion's room in Daath church. There will be a scene, and Tear learns Judgment.

Hyper-resonance Lessons from Tear


  1. Sleep at the inn in Daath.
  2. Sleep at the inn in Sheridan.
  3. After Chesedonia sinks, sleep at the inn in Daath.
  4. After clearing Tartaroo Valley the second time, sleep at the inn in Sheridan. Tear gets the Big Sister title.

  1. In Eldrant, there will be an event in regards to Legretta. Tear gets the costume title Locrian Seargent

Jade's Forbidden Spells

Part 1

  1. Talk to Seseman in the military conference room. You'll get the item Ancient Document.

Part 2: Absolute

  1. Go to St. Binah and talk to Elder McGovern.
  2. Go to the north side inn in Chesedonia.
  3. Second floor, middle room of the inn. Examine the furniture/dresser in the front of the room.
  4. Go to Ketherburg. There should be an event in front of the casino.
  5. Examine the back side of the statue near the children having a snowball fight.
  6. Go to Sheridan. There's an event in the upper-left side of town, near the dock. Jade learns Absolute.

Part 3: Prism Sword

  1. In the Replica research lab in Belkend, examine the yellow object on the right side of the area.
  2. Go to the Radiation Gate.
  3. Go to Kaitzur Naval Port. Jade learns Prism Sword.

Part 4: Meteor Swarm

  1. Go to Daath church. Talk to Florian in Ion's bedroom.
  2. Go to the north entrance of Fubras River. There will be a scene.
  3. Go to Yulia City. Examine the middle-right hole (?). Jade learns Meteor Swarm.

Mieu Wing

  1. Go to Tartaroo Valley, across the bridge to the new area. There is a place you use Mieu Attack on the wall to enter the cave and get Mieu Wing. (Here's a map.)

Mieu Fire 2

  1. Find Shiba and Peko at Keterburg (near where there was a treasure box on the roof).
  2. You will automatically go to the Mt. Zaleho. Throwing the ice seed in causes most of the lava to cool, and you can walk on it.
  3. Follow this map to get to where the Fire Fonon is. Mieu will get it, allowing him to shoot fire further.
  4. By the way, if you lose track of the Albiore upon leaving, you can get it back by going to any port.
  5. Now you can get treasures that were unavailable before:

King's Portrait

  1. Go to Aramis Spring.
  2. Go rescue the guy with Mieu Fire. The dog will make sure you go the right way.
  3. You'll get the King's Portrait, which unlocks a secret room in Choral Castle where you can get a music disk.

Cecille and Frings

Part 1

  1. Go to Engeve. There will be an event in front of Rose's house. Sleep at the inn.
  2. Enter the building on the left side of Kaitzur.
  3. Enter Rose's house in Engeve.
  4. Go to Kaitzur. Talk to Frings.
  5. Enter the Kimlascan War Base in Kaitzur Naval Port. Cecille gives you a knife.
  6. Enter Rose's house in Engeve. You give the knife to Frings, and he gives you a letter.
  7. Enter the Kimlascan War Base in Kaitzur Naval Port. Deliver the letter to Cecille.
  8. Enter Astor's house in Chesedonia.
  9. Go to Kaitzur. Talk to Frings.
  10. Enter the Kimlascan War Base in Kaitzur Naval Port.

Part 2

  1. Enter the Kimlascan War Base in Kaitzur Naval Port.

Part 3

  1. Go to Baticul Port.

Part 4

  1. Go to Baticul Port.

Part 5

  1. Go to Rem Tower. Guy gets the costume title Smart Style.

Guy and Van

  1. Stay at the inn, and there will be a scene. You'll have a choice whether or not to follow Guy.

Maid Tear

  1. Go to Natalia's bedroom in Baticul castle and talk to the maid. Tear will get the costume title Prim and Proper Maid.

Big Sister

  1. Make Tear your display character and have the "Van's Sister" title equipped on her.
  2. Talk to Luke's mother Susanne for a cute scene. If she doesn't have it already, Tear will get a title Big Sister.

Dark Wings Key

  1. Go to Grand Chokmah and head toward the palace. There will be an event with the Dark Wings.
  2. You will get event item Dark Wings Key, which is needed to access a part of Nam Cobanda Isle later.

Cheagle Rescue

  1. Go to the east entrance of Ortion Cavern, which has a whirlpool in front.
  2. You need to stop the conveyor belt by shooting the switch with Mieu Fire 2.
  3. The next conveyor belt requires that you bounce Mieu Fire off the reflector.
  4. Opening the Cheagle cage also requires bouncing the fire off a reflector. (Remember you can rotate your character with L1 and L2.)
  5. You need to light the three torches around the cannon at the same time.
  6. After rescuing the Cheagles, talk to the Elder Cheagle in the Cheagle Forest.

Grand Chokmah Waterfall

  1. Examine the window in the back of the Audience Room in Grand Chokmah palace. There will be a scene.


  1. After you make a Level 3+ item at Din's shop, Jade will get the Lawman title.

Mushroom Road

  1. Enter Fabre Manor in Baticul. There will be a scene about the mushroom you need to get.
  2. Go to Mushroom Road, which is north of the Cheagle Woods, by putting the Albiore in boat mode and going up the river from the west side the continent.
  3. While you're there, Luke will be replaced with Asch, who gets the title Loves Mother.
  4. Map.
  5. Get the Rugnican Death Mushroom.
  6. One of the alternate exits from Mushroom Road (just north of the Rugnican Death Mushroom) take you to another point on the world map, where you can examine a search point for the Greater Flight Fonstone, which will allow the Albiore to land on terrain it couldn't before.
  7. Return to Baticul and talk to Luke's mother.

City History

  1. Baticul: Examine the bookshelf in Pere's room.
  2. Yulia City: Examine the bookshelf in Tear's house.

Monsters at Engeve

  1. Talk to Rose in Engeve. Accept the task to get rid of the monsters, and get th eHigh Grade Apple from the food vendor.
  2. You'll fight a few weak enemies.
  3. Afterward, you'll get Rose's Charm

Rappigs Hunt/Spa

  1. Go into Peony's room, wherein you will be accosted by a maid in search of his Majesty's pets.
  2. Go into the next room and talk to Peony.
  3. Find Cute Jade behind the left staircase in the entry room.
  4. Go to the right twice, and you'll be in the library. Athrun is hidden behind the table/books in the front of the screen.
  5. Go out, upstairs, and into the guestroom on the right. There's Gelda.
  6. Nephry's in the back of the throne room.
  7. (Note: I think there are certain points at which the event cannot be completed because Nephry is mysteriously not there. If this is the case for you, just do more of the required plot and come back later.)
  8. Safir is in front of the library (not until you find the others).
  9. Talk to Peony in his room. You'll get the Spa Pass, and Jade gets the title Emperor's Friend.
  10. Go to the hotel in Keterburg to use the spa, and everyone will get spa costume titles.
  11. Use the spa again to get the Peeping Tom title for Guy.


  1. There's a scene with the Black Wings in front of Grand Chokmah's bar.
  1. There's another scene at Keterburg Bay.
  2. Talk to the bartender at Chesedonia. Guy gets the Bartender costume.

Tsundere Ojiisan?

  1. Talk to Kashim in Grand Chokmah (near the bar)
  2. There will be a scene about Jade's glasses in the second floor of the Sheridan assembly hall.
  1. There's another scene in front of the bar in Grand Chokmah. Jade get's the Soft Meanie title.

Stone Monument Pilgrimage

  1. Go to the right-hand stone monument in Daath.
  2. It doesn't matter if you pick Anise or Tear. (Anise will get the Grown-up Child title, but you could also get that from the casino.)


  1. Talk to the man plowing the garden on the left side of Engeve.
  2. Talk to the person in the storehouse near the food sellers.
  3. Gather the Lanarkeal Seed and Pen Pen Seeds (click here for a map)
  4. Guy gets the Hard Worker title.

Bridge Construction

  1. Talk to Aston in the assembly hall in Sheriden.
  2. Agree to pay 1,000,000 gald for the bridge.
  3. Luke gets a title.

Viscount Fabre

  1. Talk to Ramdas. Luke gets the costume title Viscout Fabre.

Dr. Jade

  1. Go to the Belkend Research Center for an event.
  2. Pick any character for the medical exam.
  3. Jade gets the costume title Doctor Mumbo.

Cooking Titles

  1. Any playable character except Asch can get a title if he or she has three stars for all recipes. Talk to Bernard on the second floor of Keterberg Hotel.
  1. There's an event in Sesemann's room in Grand Chokuma when you meet all the requirements: have the All-Purpose Knife, have the Magical Pouch, Anise is the lead character, and she is equipped with her Little Big Chef title.
  2. Anise gets the Great Chef title.

Little Devil

  1. There's an event in Daath Church. Anise gets the Little Devil Child costume title.

Romance Chaser

  1. Go to the assembly hall in Sheriden. Guy gets the Romance Chaser costume title.

Another series of titles

  1. Talk to Astor in Chesedonia
  2. Talk to Luke's mother in Baticul. Luke gets the title Vagabond Son.
  3. There's a scene in front of Baticul inn. Natalia gets the costume title Beloved Princess
  4. Talk to the person from the Yulia City Help quest. Tear gets the title Flower of Qliphoth.
  5. Talk to Nephry in Keterburg. Jade gets the title Gambler at Heart.
  6. Go to the fourth stone monument in Daath. Anise gets the title Mini Maven
  7. Go to the telescope left of Sheridan's C. Core shop. Guy gets the title Fontech Scholar.

Refined Flight Stone (or Mt. Roneal part 3)

  1. Go to the Passage Ring in Mt. Roneal.
  2. Follow this map out to the alternate field exit, and go west until you find the other etrance into Mt. Roneal
  3. Go across the river, left to the wall, and down. Go into the river to get the Vorpal Sword.
  4. Back up, go to the southmost tree along the right edge of the area and Mieu Wing into it to get up on the cliff. Follow path (Mieu Fire the ice out of the way).
  5. Inside, you need to light the indicated torch to continue.
  6. When you get to two torches, you need to stand to the side and light them both at once.
  7. When you get to two torches with a thing between them, you need to stand at an angle so the fire bounces off the pillar in the back to hit the second one.
  8. Follow the path until you get here. Push the pillar onto the mark on the floor.
  9. Backtrack to where you used Mieu Wing to get up the tree.
  10. Mieu Wing up the other two trees for treasure.
  11. Go north. You need to position the torches like in this picture. Leave the way you came.
  12. Go back to the first section of Mt. Roneal and get on the platform to the upper-right from all those torches. Stand on the mark on the floor and shoot Mieu Fire 2 to the lower left. (Picture)
  13. If you aimed correctly, the torches should light, and the door will open.
  14. Go back around (x_X) and through the door.
  15. Follow the map to the star symbol, where the Refined Flight Stone awaits.


Part 1

  1. Talk to Maestro Tritheim in Daath chapel.
  2. Talk to Nephry in Keterburg.
  3. Go to Grand Chokmah and talk to Peony. You'll get the Lost Celsti.

Part 2

  1. Talk to Elder McGovern in St. Binah.
  2. Talk to Glen in the inn.
  3. Find the rappig on the world map near St. Binah. (You can use the Albiore if you want.)
  4. Talk to Glen again, and you'll get Blood Pain.

Part 3

  1. Go to the Abandoned Factory in Baticul. Now that you have Mieu's upgrades, you can get to a new area and get Holy Quelquatl

Part 4

  1. Go to the castle portion of Eldrant.
  2. When you get to the room with the ladders, find the two yellow circles on the pillars to the lower left. Mieu Attack them to knock the pillars over.
  3. Go north to the room with some Guardian enemies. If you fight the guardians and the last hit in battle is light-element, you'll get a Light Fonstone; if the last hit is dark-element, you'll get a Dark Fonstone. Get one of each.
  4. Go to the machine in the middle of the room and choose to use the Light Stone. The room will rotate. Go down (toward the camera) into the ladder room.
  5. You'll be on what was the left wall of the ladder room. Don't step on the switch Tear notices (yet) unless you want to mess with getting another Light Stone.
  6. Go to the right and up the ladder in the upper-right corner. At the top, you'll see a blue orb to Mieu Wing under, opening a door.
  7. Go back to step on the switch that Tear noticed when you first reentered the ladder room. The room will return to normal.
  8. Go through the door you opened in step #6.
  9. You'll be in the room above the guardians. Use the Dark Stone at the machine here. The place will rotate the other way.
  10. Go south (toward the camera) and you'll be on what was the right wall of the first room of the castle.
  11. In here you will find blocks to rotate. Position them like this picture.
  12. Step on the switch to change the room back.
  13. Go up the stairs to the purple circle between the two hanging orbs. What you need to do here is shoot Mieu Fire 2 at the blocks on the right wall (the ones you rotated when the room was turned the other way) (remember you can rotate your character small amounts with L1 and R1; this makes aiming easier), then while the fire is in motion, switch to Mieu Wing and float up between the orbs. This will cause the fire to hit only one of the orbs, then hit you and go out.
  14. A nearby door will open. Go through it to get the Unicorn Horb.

Part 6

  1. Fly to Nebilim's Crag (see map).
  2. Here's the super-hard(?) boss fight against Nebilim <--As if you don't already know.
  3. Note, if you want the Tactical Leader costume for Luke, you must beat the boss on Very Hard or Unknown Mode. Also the Tutti C. Core, easily the best C. Core, can be stolen from this boss.
  4. After you defeat the boss, the weapons you got in this quest will do damage based on how many enemies the character has killed (e.g. number of enemies killed = secretly added to attack power)
  5. Talk to Peony.
  6. Talk to Tritheim.
  7. Talk to Pere. If you beat the boss on a high enough difficulty, you'll get the Tactical Leader costume title for Luke.

Abyssman Costume Set

  1. Go to Peony's room, and there will be an extra maid there when the requirements are met. All seven characters will get an Abyssman costume.

Abyss Replica Factory

  1. You must clear Ortion Cavern (East)
  2. Go to Sheridan and talk to two men at the northern part of the town (next to the Aircraft Dock facility)
  3. Talk to Shiba (Meeting Hall)
  4. The Abyss Replica factory's entrance is actually the last area of the Ortion Cavern (East), near the last Cheagle save spot.
  5. There is a very nice map of this dungeon by HUmarMatt on GameFAQs.